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The Body by Vi Challenge-A Simple, Fun and Universal Message!!!

Did you know?

Over 66% of U.S. is overweight.

Over 30% Clinically Obese


2009 Obesity Report:http://healthyamericans.org/reports/obesity2009/Obesity2009Report.pdf


o Price points tailored to meet the current economy and attract every consumer level

o All Challenge Kits come with a FREE Vi-Net Health Membership, access to online tools, articles, trainings, and community support.

o Results & Success Stories! http://www.visalus.com/bbvi/success/

o The simplicity of the program guidelines (”a shake a day!”) yield better compliance & higher retention than competitors.

o Viral “Refer 3, get your next month FREE!” customer campaign.

Both Customers and Distributors can refer other Customers and get their auto ship for FREE every month

o Over $100,000 a year in Cash, Cruises, Prizes, Hollywood Makeover Experiences, & more given to Challenge Participants with best before/after photos!

– Challenge Prizes: http://www.visalus.com/bbvi/prizes/

o Body Bi Vi FAQ’s: http://www.visalus.com/docs/bbvi/bbvi_faq.pdf


Real Science: ViSalus Scientific Advisory Board


o Head of Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Michael Seidman MD FACS

Voted among top 1% of all doctors in America

Chairman of a multibillion dollar medical facility in Michigan

Consultant to the NFL, NHL, MLB and other professional sporting leagues

Funded by large institutions like the National Institutes of Health since 1981


o Another Member of Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Steven Witherly, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, M.S. Food Science, B.S Nutrition & Dietetics

Was formally the Vice President of New Product Development for Herbalife International

Served as Director of R & D for Nutrilite Division of Amway Corporation.

Was Manager of Scientific Research for well known multibillion dollar international food company.

Over 25 years of Professional Product Development Experience.


Emotional Products – Real Results!


o Exclusive, patented products with universal appeal and growing demand, backed by real science & success stories.

o ViSalus has over 22 product SKU’s with 5 patent applications.Ongoing new product development. The most popular items are the 3 Challenge Kits & the Core Kit:


o Balance Kit – $81 in value for only $49. Contains 30 healthy meals for overall balanced nutrition.

Features Vi – Shape – “A shake mix that tastes like a cake mix”

Meal Replacement – One Shake a Day. It actually SAVES you money to take it.

One Vi Shape Shake is the nutritional equitant of: 7 egg whites, 1 cup milk, 1 whole wheat muffin, 1 glass orange juice, 1 tomato,1 cup broccoli, 1 cup spinach, 3.5 oz. beef…..

Works to builds lean muscle and prevent muscle loss.

Lower sodium, lower carbs, lower sugar, more fiber, more digestive enzymes, and higher quality protein than competitors.

Contains an “alkaline neutralizing’ effect

Sweet Crème flavor. Can add variety and focused health benefits with patent pending Health Flavor Mix- ins.


Direct Product Comparison


o Shape Kit – $155 in value for only $99. Contains 60 meals designed to help reshape your body and generate faster results.

Meal Replacement – Two Shakes a day plus more variety with additionial Health Flavors.


Transformation Kit – $375 in value for only $249. Everything you need for total transformation!


Also Features Neuro “Smart Energy”

Unique, patent-pending herb based energy drink mix designed to awaken the brain and fight fatigue without the jitters.

TREND: Energy Drink market projected double in less than 5 years.

Healthy niche: No sugar added, 1 gram carbs, 5 calories, all-natural flavor and color! 2 great-tasting flavors!

Portable “on the go” packet that mixes easily in water, iced tea, hot tea, or any beverage.


Direct Product Comparison

Challenge Kit Information Sheet


Core Kit – $305 in value for only $199. The ultimate maintenance program.


Also Features – Vi-pakTM “Patented Anti Aging & Energy System”

Patented Anti-Aging & Energy Complex

Chelated Multi Mineral & Vitamin Formula

26 different Super Charged Anti-Oxidants

Double Distilled Essential Oils and all Omegas

Independent Lab ORAC Test

Direct Product Comparison


To order any of the Body by Vi Challenge kits, visit http://www.GetThin2Win.com


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